My Incredible Journey In English 208

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It’s hard to believe that my incredible journey in English 208 has ended. The journey has been so much more amiable than I originally expected. I have tried to avoid taking English 208 numerous times because writing and study skills have not been my strong points. Every time I tried to take this course, I dropped it due to a meticulous instructor style, or a boring set of literary materials. This time around was different, as I set my goal to obtain my bachelor degree in Psychology by the end of fall next semester. Consequently, I was determined to force my way through this class despite challenges I had to endure. Not liking English classes so much this class had diverted my thinking. It was incredibly amazing; it was offered once a week on the class schedule, which I felt, was great. The lecturers were more so lenient and understanding and gave enough time to submit assignments. In English 208 I’ve learnt a lot; the topics that were successfully important to me were research witting, review of the academic essays and common writing errors.
Research Writing
For the first half of this course we mainly focused upon study skills and time management. However the interesting parts came in the second half where we mainly focused upon writing styles. Research writing was one of the topics I felt was important and useful. This topic certainly helped me in my other courses. I was able to differentiate the various aspects of a research paper. Reviewing this topic also allowed me to effectively write and manage my research papers by providing small tips of how to go about completing the paper. From what I have learnt, there are ten steps of a research paper. Step one; choose a narrow subject. Step two; think about purpose, audience, and v...

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...what is asked of you and turn your assignments in on time, you will pass this course with ease. I have learnt how to organize myself and be prepared myself because of this class. Overall my experience in this course was much better than the others this semester. I felt that the information and learning came much easier. I enjoyed the class materials, and the professors did a very good job responding in earnest to my assignments submissions. Because of the much better experience, I truly believe I have become a better writer, better organizer, and better critical thinker. Also with the professor’s guidance in my writing assignments, I have improved my analytical and writing skills as well as developed a greater organizational skill. In future, this course will more than likely help students with their other courses when it comes to time management and writing papers.
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