My Ideal Teacher: My Career As A Teacher

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Generally, when a person decides to follow a profession such as teaching, there is usually a strong motivation behind that decision. This is not only a positive aspect but also a necessary feature in this particular profession. A teacher is more than a person who stands at the front of a classroom and divulges facts and figures, they are, and should be, one who inspires and nurtures curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge in their students. They often act as a role model, an inspiration, a guide, and many other things to learners of all ages throughout the world. At least, this is often the aspiration behind choosing to teach, in my case it is the epitome of what a teacher should be, and is what I can only hope to be in my future career as a teacher.…show more content…
My ideal teacher self is one who fulfills the aforementioned qualities and in addition is understanding, effective and relatable. A teacher must be understanding in the sense that they must put themselves in the shoes of their students, when students misbehave, when they fail to do their work, for example, a teacher must evaluate and try to understand the reasons for these things. Once this happens, the problem can begin to be addressed and hopefully rectified. Understanding is about being patient, listening, and being thoughtful about our actions and decisions. Another quality, and perhaps one of the most fundamental elements to possess as a teacher, is a high level of effectiveness. As a teacher one of my highest priorities is to be effective, meaning that not only do I want to present information and provide structure in the classroom, but I want my students to learn and have the desire to continue to learn. During my years in school I’ve observed these qualities in

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