My Hardships In Life

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My hardships and problems come in few, compared to others. I live in a first world country, and my family is in good health and social standing. A problem I have had is finding the inspiration and drive to think about applying and attending to college, I thought my interests were too simple, I thought they were something I could not find a successful job in. The resolution to this problem was my realization of the huge group of supporters I have and my drive to accomplish my goals. These realizations led me to Morgan State University. For a long time, the thought of college scared me. When in high school, everything was planned out for you. It was planned where you would go to school and what classes you would take and how you would live your life. In the terms of college and planning out the rest of your career, it was up to you. You were the one who would have to choose which college to apply to and which classes you would want to attend. Then, I was under the assumption that I was not good enough to get anywhere, and the fact that I was not sure I knew what I wanted to do with my life added to my college distress. I always told my parents I wanted to study computer engineering, but that was just a story I told them to make them happy. I am very passionate about the subject, but I was not sure if I wanted to be in such a field for the rest of my…show more content…
Yes, I am motivated and resourceful, and I have the ability to keep good grades, but compared to others who were in the National Honor Society and were Student Government president and received academic awards for their dedication, I felt as if I was lacking what was required for college. I thought that if I applied to college I would be rejected from all of them and I would not be accepted into their honors program and not receive scholarship funds and I would start off without being able to succeed the way I wanted to with a lot of

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