My Growth as a Writer at State University

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If I had to describe my year at State University it would be just as describing a rollercoaster ride with a good experience afterwards. At first, you are convinced with the idea that the rollercoaster is going to be all fun full with laughter. All those advertisements and pictures of people having a good time and people saying it was fun afterwards. The real thing though, happens during the rollercoaster ride when you feel like the life you are living is going to end so badly. The same happened to me while at State University, I thought college was going to be full of fun and that stress and worries would perhaps eventually come, but not in the way I experienced them. The home sickness or as Sanders (n.d.) refers to it in “After the Flood” as nostalgia, stress with projects, tests, essays, and the management of money to pay bills were some of the main causes of why my year at State University felt like a rollercoaster about to crash. At the end though, there were some challenging tasks that had a positive scholarly impact on me. Just as in the movie “Up” by Docter and Peterson (2009) the main character Carl has a tough time during his life when his wife passes away, but in the end he manages to find something good which produced positive effects in his life like accomplishing his dream to see South America. Writing class helped me write about what I was interested in for my research paper as well as improving the way I wrote down my thoughts; somehow the writing class along with the research paper have helped me write more thoughtful, polished essays.

I have grown as a writer and thinker in ways years ago I had no idea I was going to grow in. At first, it was really hard for me to write down every single th...

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...the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Alexie (2007) at first thought he was not capable of doing things the white people did, but then he actually proves to himself that he is capable of learning just as or better than the white people can. I am convinced that for future writing classes I will welcome knowledge and guidelines with my arms wide open knowing that it will polish my writing. Therefore bringing only more improvements that in the end will give me the tools necessary to be capable of confronting my life in International Business and its challenges in the best way possible.

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