My Greatest Hate Is A Waste Of Time That Will Never Make Your Life

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When you feel that rage burning that is when you have it. With any fire it needs to be controlled. For example and a little story. My greatest hate is my birth mother and her failures. I did not take my anger out on her or stuff like that. Changing someone else takes too much work for the pay off most of the time. I took this rage and pointed it at my self. I get pissed at my own actions if I ever mess up. I never blame others anymore, I only look to myself and ask what I could have done better. Putting the blame on others is a waste of time that will never make your life better. You control your life and your own actions is what sparks your future. If you blame society for your failures you will just become a victim to your own mind. This skill is not limited in what it can be used for. Leading people to making sandwiches it is how you can be your own critic. You can never stop pushing yourself or that will be your own downfall. When you leave the game of self progressing you will have to struggle to get back into it. If you ever wondered why you are doing something in life that just shows you have not found what emotion you feed off of. When I do something out of rage it feels like stuffing my mouth full of the richest sweets. It is a feast of emotions that will drive you and always give you a reason to keep pushing. There is a synthetic lesson we are taught in school. When the a child asks “why are we learning this” most teachers will not give a good reason. Making it something you are just doing to do. This is what can lead to such a worthless issue such as such as why do you even do anything. You need to find something and feed off of it or you are worthless. Today is a wonderful day to write about this. Today is mother’... ... middle of paper ... ... up and I watched I could avoid the pain of failure. I have always questioned everything and watchful of all events. The people who tried to control me lost because I watched and studied all of their plans and tactics. Now I stand up for own cause and lead my own path. No one can control me because I know people so well I can watch for nearly everything now. I am going to become someone who is on top or in everything giving me as much power as possible. My only two philosophies are: To not give up, get angry and take down everything that stands in your path. And to never have a philosophy because you are wasting your time when you can be out there winning life. No “Too be continued…” my life just started and I am going to take the fruits from every tree that damn me. Everything I want I will take from life and bathe myself of everything that has been robbed from me.

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