My Greatest Gift Ever

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Greatest Gift Ever-rough draft I’ve moved around quite a bit growing up. I had felt tossed around like some burden people wanted off their shoulders. In the beginning I lived with my biological family, at first we were what i’d call a normal average family. My father and mother were in love and had three children; i have one brother and one sister. Mom was a stay home mom and dad worked like the stereotyped Father.i can still remember how it used to be. We all used to be so happy when our dad came home to see us. Later, about when i was six years old or so it changed. Dad became stressed and started drinking and smoking more; mom gradually got sicker. My dad became a security guard. Eventually we were so poor that my dad could not even feed…show more content…
Teachers were worried, family members i never knew were getting calls, and social workers came in once in awhile to speak with us. My dad got scared so he sent us away to stay with other family members until he could get his act together. My sister and i moved to florida to stay with our cousin Nelda, her husband Terry, and their three kids Arin, Avery, and Adlen. My brother was sent to stay with my our cousin stephen and his husband david. My younger siblings had it harder than i did; they did not understand. We only stayed for like six months then we were taken back to our parents. My experience living there was like staying in a mansion. Except it was only a small house. My brother said he felt like he was staying in an apartment with a bunch of dudes, because stephen and david always allowed other men to live there until they got back on their feet. On christmas we all went back home to mom and dad except they acted like they did not want us back. That had to be one of the hardest things is ever experienced; rejection by someone you love so much. A week…show more content…
My brother and sister became distant and would no longer talk and be all out going like usual. That’s when i decided to get change for us. I started to share what was happening to staff at my school to get the social workers rolling again and find some ways of getting out of there. That’s when more physical abuse came about to me and my siblings. I don’t know how it got to that point, but I forgive them. We are all human and make terrible choices. In order to get away from that i begged my uncle and grandmother to take us just for a little while. I did not even know who i was asking for help from at that point. When they arrived to pick us up my dad was sound asleep. We stayed there for only maybe two months all together. There i realized what kind of place my sister actually lived in all that time. Turns out my uncle and grandmother were crazy. I can’t believe my sister never told me what had happened to her while she was in that house, but i try to be understanding any how. Then once we moved home i witnessed my mother’s death one night while my dad was at work; and i ended up getting taken by the police along with luke(my brother) and angela. We were accepted into a family i’ve never even met before. The place was terrifying, but at
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