My Great Grandfather Owned A Business

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My great-grandfather owned a business in the 1940s and conducted business solely through conversation, mail, and newspaper ads. My grandfather took over the family business in the 1960s and conducted business through conversation, mail, newspaper ads, projectors, and telephones. My uncle took over the family business in the late 1990s and now conducts business through conversation, mail, telephones, computers, internet, software, tablets, apps, and many other forms of technology. One form of technology dominant in all workplaces is PowerPoint. “Some 30 million [PowerPoint] presentations [occur] each day. It 's the second-most-used corporate communication tool after e-mail” (Wahl, 2003). PowerPoint has taken over the corporate world and has become a presenting tool almost all employees use. Sherry Turkle (2004) says PowerPoint is “developed to serve the needs of the corporate boardroom” (p. 3). On the other hand, Edward Tufte (2003) says “PowerPoint is entirely presenter-oriented, and not content-oriented, not audience-oriented” (p. 2). Communication is key to an effective working environment, but PowerPoints are encouraging presentation, not conversation. Pros Many people are visual learners, and PowerPoint presentations are a great tool for relaying information to visual learners. PowerPoint allows one to use images, videos, and audio making a presentation more interesting and appealing especially to visual learners. Rick Penciner (2013) points out in his essay how PowerPoint is beneficial for visual learners, “Since, in a PowerPoint presentation, topics are presented in a hierarchical fashion with graphics, color, and animation, people could use a mental image of that outline to study, and to retrieve the information” (p. 176)... ... middle of paper ... ...nformation: hearing, seeing, and touching. Hearing includes speaking and interaction with others, seeing includes graphics and demonstrations, while touching includes hands-on activities in the workplace. PowerPoint only addresses parts of these styles, hearing and seeing, through speaking and graphics. Any new technology raises questions. PowerPoint has raised many questions on its’ effects in the workplace. Employees today are ineffectively using PowerPoint to communicate and gaining little knowledge because of this software. Is it really worth it for today’s generation and generations to come to communicate less than previous generations just because of a single software system? Unfortunately, according to Michael Shaw (2011), PowerPoint is becoming the new “chalk and talk” (p. 3) but at least with chalk, employees can engage coworkers by handing over the chalk.

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