My Grandp The Most Influential Part Of Your Life

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Each person in my family has at least one strong characteristic about them that stands prominent, whether it is their perseverance, their ability to encourage me through the toughest times or to praise me for my good actions, and sometimes its even their humor. My grandpa, grandma, and little brother are the people that I can count on to get a good laugh or some good judgment from. Without them I probably would have struggled to get through the hard times quite a bit more than I did. Often times other people are the most influential part of your life, not just the things you may accomplish in your life. When I think of my grandpa the first thing that comes to mind is big, hair, deep voiced guy with an unbelievable will to fight. In kindergarten I learned that my grandpa had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Later that year he would be taken into surgery to have half of one of his lungs removed, but this was only the beginning of his journey to recovery. Eventually Grandpa went into remission, and still is today, but things only got worse when he got into a car accident when I was in the sixth grade. I’m sure if you were to ask him today the accident was even worse than the cancer. That car accident made it so he was unable to complete his job at C&R Plating in Columbia City, they laid him off and told him he would return back to work soon. They never called. At this point in his life he still gets discouraged when he has to ask for help when it comes to working outside and doing daily chores. He simply cannot lift and carry objects like he used to. The accident has left him with numerous medications and grueling back pains. Throughout all of this he has continued to push his way past it all and look at the good in his life. For ... ... middle of paper ... come outside and play catch with him. As a child with divorced parents and hating to be away from my mom, Logan always made my dad’s house feel a little bit more like home with his uncontrollable laughter and energy that never seemed to deplete. In my life I have learned many great things, but often times it 's the little things that mean the most to you. Without my grandparents by my side, there is no way I could be as confident and outgoing as I am today. Logan has taught me how to live in the moment and try to move past things that upset you because it could be worse. If my family was not as close as it has always been who knows how things could have turned out for me. I could be this sheltered teenager with no self confidence or the will to keep pushing forward through the tough times. Who knows what I would do without my loving, caring, and nourishing family.

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