My Grandmother 's Unexpected Death

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People should show each other love and respect because no one knows when. It will be the last time they see each other. Life gives us things that are both sad and joyous, but we learn from each experience. I have experienced the feelings of losing someone I love. Witnessing such an experience can change one’s life either to good or bad, there is always a change. I witnessed my grandma’s unexpected death with a lot of exclamation marks. We were having our usual gathering every Friday. My uncles, aunts, and cousins were there. There were a lot of kids and a big table full of our favorite meals that my mom and aunts made. Kids were playing outside the garden enjoying the beautiful weather. We can see them from the front window in the living room. The smell of fresh air plus the smell of the desserts was all over the house. The room was filled with my uncle’s loud conversation and hysterical laughs. My Grandma was sitting at the corner of the living room on her fancy, leather sofas. It was not the first time we gathered at her house, but it was last time. The only thing that attrac...
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