My Goals Of A Child's Home Life

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Everytime I walk into the classroom, I try to accomplish making every child feel equal and cared for. I never know what a child’s home life is like, but I do know I can create a safe haven for them. I am trying to make them into a better person each and everyday. I try teaching them something new everyday. My goal is to show the students the world and there is so much more out there than where they came from. Even if a child has a great home, he or she should know there possibilities are limitless. Some parents encourage dreaming and others encourage realism. I know I should not go against parents, but if I can educate the children on as many topics as possible, then maybe they can be an exception to the norms. The students’ goals were to listen, focus, and to follow directions. Other goals of the students were to socialize and engage appropriately with each other. Some children were good at this, but others were often shy or played a little too rough. Whether rough seemed to be with words or physical actions. My goal is important, because it may be used to change a child’s life for the good or it will continue to encourage the good. The children 's goals were important, because they are used to slowly…show more content…
I came from a school district full of great teachers. My teacher have taught me to be anything and never stop chasing my dreams. I was taught that I was capable and can’t should not be in my vocabulary. My goals are created to create the best future citizens as possible. These goals are needed, because my students will be parents, teachers, doctors, soldiers, bosses, and more one day. Their responsibility will start in my classroom. My goal for a student with disabilities is important, because I want to help them improve. Even improving as little as a new physical motion or even one word can be a big step. This step could mean the world and give families hope. This could be a huge step and if I can help a child get to this point, I
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