My Goals For My Career

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Everyone is searching for their purpose in life. They expect it to just magically appear. But that’s not realistic at all, you need a plan. A most effective plan would clear with goals, and being prepared for any obstacles that will be on the way. For instance, my purpose is to live a long happy life and to enjoy every moment. Career wise, to become a MRI technician. And educationally, to earn an A.S. degree in radiology. Accomplishing these goals is essential to me and my purpose. Personally, just having a good life with my family is all I really want. They have always made time for each other and I would like to do the same by making time for them. Living a comfortable, fun life with them is what I want to achieve. I will never forget what my grandfather did for my dad and his brothers. He was never rich, but that didn’t stop him from doing taking my dad and uncles to cool places. They lived in a trailer just to put my dad on a trip to Korea. My grandparents, uncles, and aunts have always stuck by and we have had so much fun together. Being happy with my family is crucial for my purpose.…show more content…
degree in radiology. An A.S. degree takes two years to achieve. And with a degree in radiology you can use it to be a MRI technician, X-ray technician or computer tomography. But first I have to pass my classes. So that is my number one priority right now. In order for me to have a 3.0 GPA, I have to make sure I study and do quality work. My sister is always pushing me to get good grades. She looks over my homework and helps with my math work. Also my roommate is very helpful, he offers a helping hand whenever he gets the chance to. My roommate is very smart when it comes to grammar, mechanics and spelling, I always let him look over my papers. So reaching my goal shouldn’t be too hard with a strong supporting cast and me determining

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