My Goals For My Bakery

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Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed watching my grandma bake goods; it’s something that has always caught my attention. I began baking at the age of 9 years old and ever since then I have made it a routine to bake every other weekend. Baking has always caught my attention because it is a combination of my two passions: math and baking. Not only do I enjoy the actual baking part, but I also enjoy the math portion of baking; baking satisfies my ambition of pursuing my both passions since it consists of measurements. Baking has always been a passion of mine and I want to pursue my dream of being able to open and own my very own bakery. Obtaining this goal may encompass many different obstacles, but I am willing to go through those challenges…show more content…
Being in a family of 4, it would mean the world to me if I were to be able to be the first of both of my siblings to ever own our own business. Owning my own bakery will allow me to financially support my mom in any way possible. Being raised by a single mother has ignited a spark in me that has further encouraged me to want to work harder towards my goal. I will not allow anything that I come face upon, interfere with accomplishing my goal. I love the idea of possibly pursuing most of my life with something I feel so strong and passionate for. My mother gives me the encouragement I need to be able to accomplish my own business not just for myself, but for both my mom and I. Everyone has a goal set in mind in which each day they work towards reaching it. Hopefully, the process that I follow in setting my goals will be the right path on accomplishing my goals. If I continue to work hard to achieve my goals, I am positive that I have chosen the right path that will lead me to my road to success. My mind is 100 percent set on baking and it has not changed ever since I have been fascinated with watching my grandma bake all her delicious

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