My Goals And Goals For My Life

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Life isn’t like the movies, life is hard, each day, we change, we grow, we go through good times, we go through bad times everything we do in our lives, whether it be good or bad defines us. It makes us who we are, to the individuals we grow to become. There have been times in my life that have been amazing, but there has been struggle, it’s been a long road. I’ve had many up’s and down in my education and in my personal life. All these endeavors and challenges have made me work harder, know my worth, plan my dreams, set my goals and what I need to inspire to accomplish to make these dreams a reality, to the path and to the decisions that made me who I am today to what I want for my future. Growing up I received every opportunity that any middle class child, had been given. I attended public school, I was always the child that loved to read, to learn, growing up I was always surrounded by books, being creative was never stifled, in my childhood. I was always just a tolerable student. I may have loved to read, enjoyed art class, field trips, museums, really anything that tested me to be creative I always shined in. Math, Science, and in homework and in class I struggled, a lot of times lost in class, not being able to gasp what the concept of what the teachers in these subjects were teaching. Many night’s crying at the dinner table frustrated over simple math problems, that many other classmates seem to breeze through. I remember being called out of class in Middle School and High school to take academic test in private rooms with counselors, and teachers. When I started High School I was put in special academic classes in every course I took. I remember being much more intelligent than many of the students in these classes, othe... ... middle of paper ... ...tate University. I knew I wanted to stay in Texas to learn and grow and have the chance to study with Texas State. I love the small town atmosphere of San Marcos and have looked at the Fashion Merchandising program, after talking to Marketing department several times. I fell in love the energy and how excited everyone I have spoken to at Texas State is towards me, even though I am an older student, I love how much they love, what I have loved for so long. I know that by being accepted to Texas State I can grow and learn with people who love Fashion, Merchandising, Business, and marketing as much as I do. I know by attending Texas State will shape me for the real world of Fashion, for me to be become a buyer, that will lead to have an amazing rewarding career I know I will love, for the person I’m meant to grow into by attending and studying at Texas State University.

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