My Goals And Goals

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Tick-tock, tick-tock, waiting for the time to pass, waiting for the bell to ring. Ding, ding, ding. I rush out the door to get to my next class. Walking through the halls of the high school alone, passing everyone in my field of vision, only to be looked at differently. Many may find it bad, others cringe when told they’re different, and most are dying to fit in. But I am unlike most, I strive to be different! I am neither a leader nor a follower. So “what am I?” You ask. I am myself. I do not base my decisions off of other’s opinions, I do not seek out an idol I venture to be carbon copy of. Although there are great philosophers out there, I still do not. As much of an honor it would be for millions of people or even just one look up to my achievements, I don’t desire others to aim to stand as a carbon copy of me either. Although, I do enjoy setting goals for myself. Goals pertaining to me, with only me understanding why I want to achieve the goal so badly. My ultimate goal is to obtain a PhD in Biomedical Science, and do lab research in Medicine, or specify in Endocrinology.

Disciplined, is a mighty strong word and to be disciplined can be hard for many
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I like to say, I’m definitely a positive person. I not only love being happy, but I love to make others happy as well. This happens easily because happiness is contagious. When I’m optimistic, it positively influences my life in so many ways. Optimism gives me strength, strength to push through the difficult times. It gives me motivation, motivation to make the world a little better each and every day! Last but most definitely not least, it gives me hope, each tomorrow will come even better than it did today. These influences, from this one trait, are so beneficial in everyday life because it makes every part of life easier and full of
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