My Goal Is to be a Mom

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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a mother but not just any mother - I want to be a Mom. Yes that’s right with a capital “M” every time it is spoken or written. The quintessential Mom for my children. But just what is a Mom? A Mom is someone who is there her children even when she is not at her best and no matter what she will always have a smile waiting for them. The worse flu’s and best colds’ shall never keep her from her duties as a Mom. Lunches must be pack, children’s shoes on the correct feet, no soccer practices will be missed and is always ready for those nurse’s office calls. Even when she is down with the worse of illness’ such as cancers or chronic illness’ she will answer her children’s cries of pain and misery at the drop of a hat, comforting them even from her sick bed. Never even once will she waver in daily goings on at her child’s school or homework problems either. She also will never shows her pain because that could scare her children and a Mom will not have anyone scare her children including herself. Unless they’re in trouble and need a...
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