My Goal As A Teacher

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Baseline is a starting point to where growth or regression is measured based upon research and an initial goal.
In the terms of effective leadership in special education, baseline is where I currently stand as a teacher. My goal as a teacher to move every aspect of my classroom to a place better than it was before. Whether this is a student, paraprofessional, coworker, administration, or even my curriculum. I want every aspect of my career to improve for the better each year. Move as a unit and grow as a whole where no student, child, person or material is left behind. All aspects are reflected upon at the end of each day or week and modifications are made.
One way to move in leadership is to put yourself in whoever or whatever shoes you want to move. Get on their level and show compassion. When it comes to students, one way to get on their level is to find out what they’re passionate about. You can find this out by simply asking, talking with his/her parents, or simply observing the preferences of the students. To begin the year, you want to have the students become aware of their strengths by taking a survey. This survey will in turn help the students realize their weaknesses. By using their strengths to improve their weaknesses it makes learning more enjoyable. Work together for a little bit and then allow the student to grow independently and spread their wings. This method of “I do, we do, you do” may take a little longer to achieve the ultimate goal but with the goal in mind, it’s completely work the time. When it comes to big goals in life, the best things take time. I believe education takes time. So, to get a student to learn from “point A” to “point B” I walk with them and relate to them on their level. No one wants to...

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...amp organized by the College of Kinesiology. I have been able to see their research into practice and hear about their outcomes. I have also been able to learn about their requirements for graduation and have learned to incorporate some of their ideas into my curriculum. I want my students to have an active mind, always. Having an active mind gets my students to be active in their learning inside and outside of the classroom.
All these things and actions help me become a leader in my field because there are times when teaching can get dark with behaviors or an overwhelming amount of paperwork. To show compassion and grace to a defeated neighbor or student is a part of being a leader. When I’m willing to understand where these behaviors or paperwork comes from gives me the ability to cause the change and the growth I need to get my student from “point A” to “point B”.
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