My Future Of Secondary Education

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My Future in Secondary Education For my entire life I have been a natural guide and mentor for younger people. My mom used to run a daycare, and she would always let me help out by giving them simple tasks, teaching basic language skills, and just overall being a good role model for them, and since then I have always dreamed of being either a teacher or a school counselor for kids K-12. One of my favorite memories is when I set up a game by putting twenty simple words on a wall. As I pointed to a word, the first kid to say the word correctly got an M&M. Slowly every kid said the word. And in that moment I had successfully taught them all the words, a connection was made, and I got the most amazing feeling I have ever had and I will never forget. It has always been a dream for me to work in a learning environment as a mentor and a teacher for kids. Helping kids discover their own path for the future with skills I helped them acquire will be an experience to look forward to. I will attend college for about five years to acquire my bachelors, and then complete a teacher 's program and obtain a teaching license. After being a teacher for two years I will start going to school again for my masters in counseling to become a high school counselor. I will be attending Boise State University in the fall of 2016. The number of years required for becoming a teacher is four maybe five depending on how I do it. I will be getting my bachelors in secondary education and a minor in either fine art or art history. At BSU I will hopefully be joining a fraternity of my choosing for probably the first two or three years of college to really be involved in the student life and get the full experience of college while keeping my grades up and getting... ... middle of paper ... ...n needed. As a teacher i will set up classroom fundamentals and exams and assignments for students. and as a school counselor i will provide information about future life planning. I will also help students with any social and or emotional problems. I will also do a lot of work with transcripts and setting students up for success and making sure they have all the correct and required credits in order to graduate. I had a friend that was going through a lot of personal issues in his life and it was really bringing him down in school and he came to me. I sat down with him on multiple occasions and talked with him for hours at a time. I took him out to eat and helped him with his schooling. overtime he regained mental stability and got his grades up and that 's another feeling that I will never forget and hope to continue to experience as a teacher and school counselor.
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