My Future Career Essay

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Not everyone can say have chosen their future career, but I can say that I have. My future career that I have chosen goes into the field of criminal justice and forensics work as a physiologist, which is also known as a clinical psychologist or criminal psychologist. A criminal psychologist works along the sides of the police force and detectives during a crime. I will tell you why I chose this career, why I was interested in the career, the requirements, the qualifications, how I plan to meet the qualifications of my career, the skills and attributes, and what the typical task are. The criminal justice field is not for everyone and I’ve been doing research since high school to help me follow this path that I have chosen, along with people to help me…show more content…
You cannot get mad if someone comes in yelling and fusing at you for answers because you never know what they are going through and getting upset would make you look very unprofessional. The second one that you need to have is communications skills they are a must to talk to people in the work place and out. You have to be able to sit down and communicate with people on a day to day basis whether it be in the office or out. If someone comes in asking details on a case of a family member you must know how to talk to someone in not only a sympathetic way but knowing in the back of your mind that you don’t know how they ae going to react so you will have to talk and calm them down. You will also have to talk to your partners working the same case to see if anything you know will help. The last would be commitment to work, you have to love and like what you do to be successful. You have to be on time to work and show up on a day to day basis, calling in is not an option unless you are sick or a family emergency comes
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