My Friendship: The Three Key Aspects Of Friendship

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Throughout the years I have met plenty of different people. Some that have left my life just as fast as they came in but some have stayed and I like to considered them friends. I value any friendship I have with a friend. I believe the bond I have between each friend I have is unique and if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be friends. I build my bonds based on respect, honesty, and trust. As long as the friendship has those 3 key factors it would be successful. Even though this is what I believe and stand by some of my friends that have been around for years have betrayed my trust me and crossed boundaries. These so called friends I keep at a distance. Then there are some friends that I have excellent relationships with and are like family to me. There…show more content…
With my friends I expect all of them to understand the boundaries and don’t cross them and in return I will show the same respect. Although there isn’t a guide with a rulebook for friendship I believe there are some unwritten rules that my friends and I have discussed that shouldn’t be broken. Such as disrespecting my family and other friends, talking negatively about a friend to another person, to always support your friend and many more. These rules are meant to be followed and if there is an issue friends should be able to talk to each other about the problem. Out of all unwritten rules of the guide to friendships my friend Laura decided to break the rule about sleeping with or having a relationship with a friend’s family member or ex.
Laura and I met in High School one day after having to walk home from school because we got kicked off the school bus for making too much noise. We lived about a block away from each other but had never crossed paths before. Since we lived so close we began to spend a lot of time together and became good friends. She often came to my house without an invitation and was instantly accepted by my family as another part of our family regardless of her skin color. She even called my mother, "Mommie" and my Grandmother,
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My cousin and I are close because we both are only children so we have a bond of more of a sister and brother or maybe step brother and step sister. As we were talking about any and everything under the sun he proceeded to inform me that he slept with my friend. Now I wasn’t mad at him or his doing in the situation. I was devastated to hear that my friends had just broken one of the cardinal rules of our friendship. I confronted her which led her to tell me how she really felt about me. Which made me realize that she was a friend-nmy and this person I thought I knew was not. This girl I had known for years had no respect for me or my family and did not respect our friendship. She even decided to throw jabs and low blows while she yelled about the situation instead of talking to me and hearing what I had to

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