My Five Year Goals

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Five-year Goals. Have you ever thought when you were a child what you wanted to do when you become older, well I did, I always wanted to be a teacher. From the first day of child care I loved learning. Waking up every morning to go to the child care center to see my friends and teachers, to learn new words and play games, learning has always been in my blood. Looking back at my achievements and report cards from school I see that I was always doing good or I learned fast to improve in places I needed help. This leads to my goals now, where do I see myself in five years? In five years, I would like to have completed my bachelor’s degree and have started working in my field, If I haven’t already. My major is education, elementary and special education. Working with children, but more like being a teacher has always been my passion. The look on their faces and how they react to learning something new is what I loved about children and that’s what made me want to be a teacher. Going to school and learning myself was never a problem with me. I got up early each day for school because I couldn’t wait to go and learn. I prefer to teach third or fourth grade but any elementary or special education class will be just…show more content…
Having goals along the way and sticking to them are very important in order to head towards your dreams. Having great teachers and parents who were always trying to help, I was always around positive attitudes which helped me do well in school which than helped me become the lady I am today. I can also thank my friends and the rest of my family for believing in me. Growing up with a little sister that I taught, helped me realize that I was and would be great with children, which lead me to wanting to be a teacher. I grew up taking care of my sister so knowing and having someone to teach what I already knew was a great start to my
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