My First Year Teaching At A High School

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2015-2016 is my first year teaching at a high school. I already had experiences of teaching college level students but not the high school students. I have so many amazing experiences during my first year teaching. When I first accepted the position, my expectations were teaching grown up students in high school where the students are ready to learn and I just need to teach the lesson. My hope was that I don’t have to deal with anything else but just teaching mathematics. I expected that all students in the class be very curious to learn and no motivation is required to draw their attention to the lesson. The teacher’s start day for Aurora Public Schools was a week before the students’ start day. During the first week of the school, teachers were given several trainings to explain the district’s and the building’s expectations. I enjoyed attending those sessions. During that week, I received the key for my classroom and I started to prepare my classroom for the first day of the students. I posted the ‘Aurora Central Learning Expectations’ on the wall. My walls were empty and I planned to leave them empty and put things up as time passes. I checked out the class set of books from the library and prepared my lesson plans for the first week. I was ready for the first week of my teaching. My first day of teaching finally arrived. It was Tuesday, August 11th, 2015; I woke up early and reached the school at 6:30 am. I made the PowerPoint ready and made some adjustments for the day and waited for my students to arrive with notebooks and pen/pencil. To my surprise more than 70% of the students came without paper or pencil but just a phone and headphone. For my first period, I had 37 students in the roster but only 36 showed up. I was ha... ... middle of paper ... ...ter classes. I received several students from other teachers who have failed their classes and have behavior issues, they just moved to my class. I did not argue about that with the counselors because it was my first year and I wanted to be nice to everyone. Because of the incoming students those classes were no better than the other classes. At the end of the second semester they took away my CO-OP teacher to fill another position in the building and I was by myself in my CO-OP classes. Once the shelter classes became smaller in January, it was easy for me to handle those classes and the teaching-learning process became more effective. I felt more comfortable in handling these classes. When I looked at students’ grades, they have improved a lot and there is always some academic growth, but I am not satisfied with my teaching and my students’ learning for this year.
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