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Trips, whether they are road trips, trips across countries or even oceans allow for knowledge to be gained, as well as memories that will last forever. Living life in one area is great but exploring new places and cultures adds character and more well-rounded views. Even if it is just a business trip, immersion is inevitable. Take the time to embrace the wonder of going to a new place. The trip I am about to talk about introduced me to a world of new information and adventures. June 21st, 2016; the day I was going on my first trip out of the country. No parents or siblings to look over my shoulders. Of course, there were chaperones because it was a school trip, but the sense of freedom was still there. On the drive to the airport, I was beginning to feel a little nervous due to not knowing anyone that would be on this trip with me besides my teacher.…show more content…
The day also happened to be a gloomy day which did not help my mood. Eventually I hyped up when I heard we were going to see the Stonehenge. The trip there was even longer than to Bath, which seemed impossible. Once we were there, we waited on a shuttle bus to take us to the site. We walked the path around the structure and learned about its history. I took in its beauty and snapped many pictures to show my family. The trip lasted long enough to go around the stones twice and then we were back on the bus. We had an early dinner that day because our teacher had planned a special tour for us. We were going on a Jack the Ripper tour through London. On the tour, we got to see specific spots of victims and even some pictures. The only downfall of that tour was the amount of walking and the rainy day. Our guide was peppy and that helped keep our spirits up. The tour ended and we head back to the hotel to pack. On the last night, we all gathered in a room and talked about the trip and our future, even some of our past. It was a grand end to our

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