My First Interaction With The Family 's Matriarch And Patriarch

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These past six weeks of placement have widened my eyes and perspective to many things, including the complexity of foster families. While in the midst of my placement at the London-Middlesex Children’s Aid Society (CAS), I was given the opportunity to contact a family in which my partner and I would conduct four home visits with. These visits would allow us to complete a family assessment and work through any health-related issues they may currently be facing. The family my partner and I chose to work with, the Meyer family will be reviewed in this reflection, as I will be examining the experiences of my first interaction with the family’s matriarch and patriarch. For confidentiality reasons, the family’s last name was changed for this paper. Background During my third week of placement, I decided it was time to begin looking at various families that could be a possible candidate for a few home visits. Our Community Advisor helped us with this process and found a family that she believed would be willing to help us gain some community-based experience. One week later, the matriarch and patriarch of the Meyer family as well as one of their foster children had an appointment at the CAS’s medical clinic and I was therefore able to meet them for the first time. Prior to this appointment, my partner and I meet with the matriarch and patriarch and thereby began to discuss the potential for home visits. Once they agreed to this process, we took them aside, before their foster child’s appointment, and began to develop a family genogram in order to gain a better understanding of the family. Moreover, as I had not been in previous contact with the family, I had to draw on my previous experiences of working with foster parents. These exper... ... middle of paper ... ...ssment process. Conclusion Reflecting upon my first assessment of the Meyer family has provided me with deep insight into my current nursing skills. By using Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model, I was able to highlight personal care-based aspects that favourable, such as being open to working with a diverse and complex family. I was also able to highlight the aspects I could improve upon, which included remembering not to prompting a client’s response unless they are having trouble grasping the question being asked or coming up with a possible answer. Therefore, my time at CAS as well as working with the Meyer family at home visits will be crucial when working to improve upon these aspects as well as better my favourable features. This process will thereby allow me to further my nursing skills and become an increasingly valuable asset to the nurse-client relationship.

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