My First Experience as a Student Nurse

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My first patient that I started as student nurse on one of the long Rehab Center was a seventy two year old man who had Clostridium difficile (C.diff), Dementia, Hip replacement, and Obesity. Due to the above sickness he had many complications. I can still remember his face suffering from pain. Because of his lack of ambulation and incontinence, he had developed a very serious pressure ulcer under his sacral area. I went through to the room with my instructor and the instructor introduces me for the patient as his student nurse from Towson University and will taking care of him. However the patient was not happy and he becomes a challenging patient in my first experience day. But I may learn more from that challenging patient for my future experience. Certainly, I began with the goal getting of his vital sign and giving him a bed bath. Fortunately; I had practice how to take a vital sign and giving a bed bath before my first clinical at the university skill lab; moreover, I had developed this confidence before my clinical tour. That day will be mastering the skill which I had just learned in manikins, and applying in real human with huge safety precaution. In between morning my instructor was giving me a brief before I getting to the patients room. From her experience she knew what kind of challenges and a patient behavior can be I face. When I wake up in the morning that day my plan was getting into my patient room and help my client in my all ability to make happy and feel good the patient. However, at my first day experience I found myself socked in muddy day which is hard to walk away. However, after my instructor left from the room, I reintroduced myself, and started stating my objectives for the day. As I began to speak... ... middle of paper ... ...tting better, and hope you get better, I said when I left the room and the time togetherness with him is ended. After wrap up my job for the day and exit from the Rehab Center, I consider my relations with the patient behavior who had given me hard time. However, I realized that why was the patient behaves like that, and I understand sickness can change people behavior into something you do not know before, or even in something you might not expect. Indeed, no one in this world wants to be sick or to be under care of other by any circumstance. As a nurse student it is part of my education and professional obligation to hold my anxiety and disappointments of my patient’s odd behavior. Finally I promised to myself to deal with people at their bad behavior, and always have positive attitude toward them and try to make them feel comfortable and back them to their best.
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