My First Day Of My High School

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A lot of people don’t even remember their most frightening day, it could happen when they were too young or they were so scared that they don’t want to remember. To me, I have lots of frightening days, but the day I will never forget that day, the first day of my High School. I don’t even know how to begin with, I rather watch a horror movie than trying to think about that day. I have heard many frightening stories, but to be honest, I think none of them are more terrifying as mine. I was so afraid to the point that I have to call my mom to pick me up from school because I can’t handle it, I know what you’re thinking, people might say is just high school what are you afraid of but trust me that’s my most frighten day. 5:30 A.M, man that was early I have to wake up early for school bus, my friend and I sat in the bus I remember she said that she is so excited for high school. I was scared and also nervous, all this movie I watched about High School how kids get bullied in school and how teachers are so mean, what if that happen to me. I tried to be friendly and social to the upper classmen so I can ask them about their High School experience, only a word came out of their mouth “BAD”. This guy told me he wants to graduate already, I was nervous, but after hearing all these complaints about High School I just want to jump off the bus and go home. I don’t know how my friends are so happy about this High School thing, I wished we had a thunderstorm or a hurricane so I don’t have to come to school. We have arrived I stepped off the bus my friend and I didn’t even know where to go, I didn’t even know where are my classes. It was so different from Middle School the campus was huge, I saw... ... middle of paper ... ...n and thanks God she believed me. Finally my first day of high school came to an end, everything changed so much after that day and I already know my life would never be the same again. I will never forget my first day of high school, and I get to meet Katherine, she always motivate me. My first day terrified me to now, that day is now one of the big event in my life, it fill with excitement, nervous, and most of all frighten. This will be the first and last time I’m talking about my first day of High school, it was horrible but I managed to make it through and I’m proud of myself. That day affected me both physical and mental but it was a long time ago, from all these people I don’t even know to the point that I got a call home for no reason when I think of that day sometime it make me laugh and that’s the story of my most frighten day.

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