My First Day Of My English Class

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I remember the first day of my English class like it was yesterday. Term one just started and the class is waiting for the teacher to come. I remember looking down and seeing someone with sandals and was kind of confused, but brushed it off. I felt like every single teacher was going to leave, just like the first year at Jackson Preparatory and Early College. I found myself in a place where I didn’t know if I could trust teachers, because all my life I felt no need to, and didn’t find any reason to talk to them whenever I needed advice or if I had a problem. Every time I found that I liked a teacher, a couple weeks later, they just left without notice. At Jackson Preparatory and Early College, the very first year, we had a staff issue. We slowly started losing staff members and thankfully, now I feel that we have a solid staff. At that very moment, seeing sandals, I never thought that Dylan Peyton, Mr. Peyton, my English teacher, and for sure my second father, would be my mentor. Mr. Peyton found the importance of mentorship and having adults who cared, due to himself being a child of divorced parents. As a teacher, he wanted to be that one adult who was there for his students when they needed him. The only thing that inspired him to be a teacher was when he worked with a youth group in Oklahoma where he was a youth pastor. He originally wanted to work with advanced students, but his experiences led him to work with struggling students at Marshall Alternative. This opportunity came when he worked for Kellogg Community College as an adjunct instructor. There, he worked for both the college and the alternative school in the early college program. He used this past experience to begin work at Jackson Preparatory and Early College. ... ... middle of paper ... ... such a great mentor is going to be hard because no one can replace what has happened. I know you’re thinking, It’s two years. Chill out! but when you’re at a great school with great teachers who are there for you when you need them, you just want to be there forever and treasure them. Knowing all of this, I’m thankful that I chose Mr. Peyton as my mentor. I can list many reasons, but the main reason is because he’s there when I need him and when I don’t. I’m thankful that he taught me to trust people in general. He’s taught me that I shouldn’t be bummed out because of one or two grades. He’s told me, “If you fall the first and second time, pick yourself back up the third time, show people what you can do and prove them all wrong.” If I ever have any problems, whether they 're good or bad, Mr. Peyton is the first to know due to us having a teacher-student friendship.

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