My First Day Of Hunting

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Hunting has always been a hobby of mine. First, this hunting season, I finally accomplished one of my endeavours for hunting: shooting my first buck. Hunting summons my family together throughout every year. Through all of the preparation, time, effort, and work we have done for hunting, it has always put a smile on our faces. We always try to do anything we can to increase our odds of success and to have the best time possible. Not to mention that I consistently wait all year long for the hunting season or to do anything in the woods. My dad, my uncles, my cousins, and I have always hunted every chance we can obtain because it is a tradition. I have too and it finally paid off, just not the way I expected it to be. Although I have not had…show more content…
I knew that now I genuinely had no choice but to make the time I had hunting count. I now was even more eager to get into the woods to hunt.
I’ll never forget the feeling you obtain when you see a deer: your heart pounds out of your chest, you become extremely skittish, and you try rapidly to gain a satisfying look at it all while trying to keep yourself stable. I had all of these feelings in mind the morning of the first day of the youth hunt. It was finally time to pack all of my gear up and into the truck to leave for hunting. All of my emotions tripled when I knew I might be able to shoot my first buck. However, it started to rain insanely hard just like that morning! I started to fear all of the possibilities that could go wrong if it continued to rain, but I needed to put those fears behind me if I wanted to keep a positive attitude. We headed out to our ground blind and found out that everything inside of the blind was incredibly wet! Once we sat down, it started to rain again, and we were becoming soaked as a result of the holes from the roof of the ground blind leaking water! The entire time we were in the woods, I was constantly trying to dry myself off, the gun off, and my equipment. Considering that it was raining all day, we thought the chances of seeing anything were extremely narrow. It was also abnormally foggy, again making it harder to see. We didn’t see anything for most of the evening until we sat for a few hours and it started
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Then again, it needed to start raining again making it difficult to find blood in behalf of the rain washing the blood away! Nevertheless, I saw blood right away and began to follow the trail….
Soon after searching for the deer, “I found him, he’s right here!” my dad claimed happily.
My buck ended up right on the four-wheeler trail and didn’t even run 40 yards away. I started to walk over to the deer and evaluated that he was a nice seven-pointer. I shot my first buck ever! Everything in my body started to speed up and the feeling was incredulous. My dad and I dragged the deer to a place where we could gut it. Right after that, we registered him with the DNR and it was an amazing feeling to register the deer as a buck: my first buck ever. I still attain the rushed feelings when I see a deer and I always will. Hunting is a part of my life that I will never give up. Hunting brings my relatives together and we will consistently have fun hunting. Shooting my first buck has made me love the outdoors so much more and it has made me appreciate all of the wildlife around me. As a result, I now am passionate about the woods, hunting, and nature as a result of this memory. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and it will always be a part of my
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