My First Day In Paris: My First Day In Paris

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Our boarding passes are like a magical ticket to somewhere like Hogwarts. I feel like I don’t deserve to hold this ticket. I walk through billions of lines in the airport. My stomach definitely has butterflies in it. I wonder what Saige thinks. She gets to see her dream place and we get to get out of this stupid, boring town. I step out of the airport in Paris. The air feels different. It feels magical, and free. My bossy parents are gone. They are relaxing on the lake. My sister is in so much shock I don’t even think she can be mean to me. We get a taxi. They drive on the wrong side of the road, but it's really the right side of the road in France. Saige walks differently here. More graceful and elegant but also with more of…show more content…
I didn’t really see new things but I did make a friend. I think I’ll ask him to take me around the city tomorrow. We walk down a famous street called “Rue Cler”. Louis says Rue means street in French. There are little shops, bakeries, and restaurants on each side of the street. It looks amazing. I buy a crepe. Crepes in France taste a lot better than in America. Everything seems so expensive here. My parents gave me lots of money so I’ll be fine with the expensive thing. Saige is doing her own thing. Boys are always surrounding her when I see her on the street. I’m pretty sure she loves all the attention she is getting plus she’s in her favorite city in the world. There’s a bunch of boys crowding a bench so I assume that she is there. I walk to the bench and I sit down to talk to her. She waves me off. I get up from the bench and one of the guys says hello to me. I miss the normal Saige. I really am starting to miss my mom. I think we’ve been here for four days now. I also miss my dad and his funny dad…show more content…
She even has a ball gown. I didn’t even know she owned one of those. Its her first day of the pageant. The first sections are swimsuit and questionnaire. She is next in the swimsuit category. She walks in like she owns the place. Not scared at all. Even though she is just walking I’m pretty proud to be her brother. Never knew she could do this. I have to stay in the audience the whole time. No boys allowed in the dressing room. She is getting ready for the questionnaire when Louis walks to support Saige with his sister. “Hey! She’s about to go on.” They stare at the stage. Waiting. We watch many other contestants. Louis’s sister Ella points out that Saige is definitely the prettiest one up there. I can’t agree because I’m her little brother who has to think she ugly but I couldn’t agree more with Ella’s statement. We walk out of the convention center. I tell her she did amazing and that she was born for doing this. “Awh thanks bubba.” She hasn’t called me “bubba” in a very long time. When I was little I didn’t like it but right now it seems right. When we get back to our hotel we go straight to sleep. Saige has a big day

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