My First Commandment For Being A Great Manager

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Unlike cooking or putting together a desk, there are no set directions on how you can become a competent or even a great manager. However, over the better part of the last four months I’ve come up with more than a few things that will help me get there. It is hard to take care of yourself, yet alone other people. In the future, I am going to need fantastic management skills because I want to lead others, I want to resolve conflict, I want to inspire others, and finally I want to reach and achieve the goals that are placed before me. My first commandment for being a great manager is: Never ask an employee to do something you wouldn’t. (Personal Power) When I was working in AmeriCorps, when a sponsor worked with us on a specific project we felt more energized and more motivated to work. If a person in power is working in the “trenches” with you, over time you will give them respect and also you…show more content…
(TQM) A good manager knows how far to push his or her employees. There are so many jobs in any organization and it will be extremely advantageous if your employees are able to do a variety of jobs. Also, you can always keep on learning. Finally, it would be in a manager’s and the organizations best interest if the employees were being groomed for the future. A strong organization recruits from within and they will be more loyal to the organization. My fifth and final commandment for being a great manager is: Give your employees incentives to keep doing good work. In general, people love money and hearing how great they are. If you compensate your employees well, they will stick around and they will go the extra mile for you. Other than stimulating another person’s wallet, you can also stimulate a person’s ego. A complement will go a long way. Positive reinforcement in work situations will inspire an employee to do more and not be afraid to develop their
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