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Does everyone have the same chance to recover from the hardships in their life? Recovering from hardships is different in many people’s eyes. Hardships are different for everyone. Some people thing there’s is “worse” or more “difficult” than others, but no one is to judge which is worse as why. The magnitude of your choices affects your outlook, and certain outcome that is heading in your direction. Some want to forget, as that is impossible. Others however, want to take it day by day to improve upon what they were given. It comes down to believing you can overcome them. There are times where your hardships will follow you well into your adulthood, and some find it hard to break free from that tie. The tie is made tight, as that is or your life was for that time being. Certain thoughts about situation remain inside your head, battling to get recognition. Those thoughts will always be there, lingering in your conscience. However, your outlook on life is factored in. This is what keeps many people back, or pushes them forward to achieve their full life potential.
Lily Owens in The Secret Life of Bees, has had an early share of hardships. At four years old, Lily encountered an adult situation, through a child’s eyes. It took her at least ten years to see past her once clouded thoughts. Lily killed her mother' class='brand-secondary'>mother by accident, and lived with the reproductions of a lost mother later into her life. Lily only saw herself as a mistake. A mistake that took her mother from this world. “This is what I knew about my myself. She was all I wanted. And I took her away”(Kidd, 8). It is a sad knowing a past fact that you are trying to overcome, and it remains a tattoo on your heart. Lily overcomes her struggles, and learns she truly does have mot...

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...istake resulted in a lost life, and a lost mother. Fran didn’t even know her mother died until much later in her life, when she put to and too together. She was too young to even know how death worked, or how it would phase her later on in life. Fran says, “I became the mother I never had.” Fran used her past thoughts and ambitions to anchor her in mother, and each day was an opportunity to give back what she never had. Fran’s brother and father died on the same day, both of heart attacks. Receiving horrible news like that can stop a person in their tracks, and they can travel down a road of misery. Fran on the other hand, used that to push her forward in life. Fran says, “There is always that light at the end of the tunnel.” You have to strive for that light, and not let anyone else in on your power. That is how you achieve your goals and reach ultimate happiness.

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