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The smell of fresh buttery popcorn, relaxing cushioned seating, and giant screens these are some of the reasons I love going to the movies. Enjoying a recently released movie is so much more satisfying when seen in complete darkness and with surround sound all around you. There are several types of movies people take pleasure in watching. In actuality, everyone has a favorite genre of movies they cherish watching on the big screen. However, this essay will discuss the four main categories: horror, comedy, action, and romance.
Horror films are designed to frighten, cause alarm, and induce our worst fears. In fact, horror movies may be the toughest movie for some people to sit through. Horror films often tend to be about a fantasy although sometimes
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Comical movies are my favorite type of movie to watch because I love to laugh. Laughing brings joy and happiness which in turn relieves stress and takes the audience away from daily dilemmas. Many comedies such as the Home Alone Series end with happy endings. My favorite Home Alone is Home Alone 3, since it takes place in New York City during Christmas time. It does not matter how many times I have seen this movie; every single time I watch it, it is exactly like the very first time. Another great fact I love about comedy movies is the fact that they easily intertwine with other sub-genres of movies. Take, for instance, A Haunted House; while this is more of an adult film, it takes a scary movie and adds comedy to the story. This film is called a parody/spoof. A Parody is an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. Overall, comedy films are one that numerous people enjoy viewing because the audience knows they can expect to laugh the entire…show more content…
The huge screen, loud surround sound, and popcorn make for an excellent action film. Action movies tend to have adventurous, exciting stories frequently involving knives, guns, fighting, and women. For instance, James Bond 007; an action movie filled with high energy physical stunts and intense fight scenes. Let's not forget the gorgeous women Mr. Bond always wins over. Action movies usually center around a male hero or protagonist, women in action films are often accomplices or romantic interests of the hero. Nevertheless, you can be sure an action film will keep you on your toes. Another great example is The Amazing Spider-man, this movie shows a spider bite giving a man super powers. As always Spider-man becomes a hero and wins over a women's heart. "Oftentimes, action films are great box-office hits."
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