My Favorite Mistake

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According to one of history's most notable figures, Albert Einstein, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I bet many people would consider themselves insane according to Einstein’s definition. However, individuals similar to myself need to always look at the silver lining in making mistakes: Numerous mistakes create various opportunity. It’s funny, a certain mistake that I have made repeatedly has haunted me for many years; however, there is always a silver lining. I consider myself a very individual person - I don't find pleasure in seeking assistance; furthermore, I certainly do not like the help of others when participating in daily activities. I’m not sure how others may fair but I…show more content…
Continuously forfeiting my ability to play baseball year after year was torture; however, the surplus of time gave me moments to reflect. After submitting myself to the worst pain of my life, my initial reaction was naive and eager: I was ready to get back out on the field and compete. In retrospect, that's probably why I'm writing this paper on my “Favorite Mistake”, but I digress. As I continued my infliction of self-torture, I matured, much like one should after handling the same situation for so long. Months on end of physical therapy and healing led me down a path of uncertainty - an uncertainty that I had never felt. After my third injury, a torn UCL, I began to question: “Why do I…show more content…
Although baseball was something I adored, the pain it caused was not easy to ignore. Much like a middle school relationship, baseball was my “first love” and every few months we would break up and eventually get back together again; furthermore, much like growing up, I matured and my thought process was intricate and more complex. After my torn UCL, I knew I had to “break up” with baseball; especially if I ever wanted to be able to reach the Rice Krispies on the top shelf again. I needed to prevent myself from repeating my mistakes even though it was at the cost of my Favorite activity; however, once again there is always a silver lining. After quitting baseball, I began to take up golf - a life long sport I had played with my dad however only recreationally. Not long after, I began my mistake free(sort of) journey with the River Bluff Golf team. Interestingly, during this time of my life, I felt lost but right at home. Furthermore, for the past three years, golf has made me incredibly happy. If I had the choice to go back and re-write my mistakes, I wouldn't - and after time to reflect, I don't believe that makes me insane or stubborn, just an individual who can safely say that he has a favorite

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