My Favorite Book Essay

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The Sands of Time There is a book for every grain of sand in the Sahara desert, ever moving in the wind. With an ever growing arsenal of books the knowledge one can gain is without end. Books come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Some use language from a time long ago while others use more modern slang terms. There are books on many various topics, in many different genres. My favorite part about books is that their are so many for people of any age or reading level: kids, teens, adults, and even some for all of them. Kids books can be about many different topics, the pages are limited to only one or two sentences each and the rest of the page is filled in with illustration. Kids learn best when the written information is accompanied with a picture so that their minds connect the words to the images. For some authors of children 's books the illustration is as much or more important than the actual text on the page. I love authors such as Eric Carle who use Illustrations and interactive pages to tell their story. Many childhood books help kids learn to deal with and interpret the world around them. Without books at this age I would not have become the compassionate being that I am. Picture books are the first step into the world of reading and some of my favorite books fall into this category.…show more content…
Many of my favorite books fall into this category though the ones that have made the most impact on my life are no longer widely published. My whole life there have been books that my mom would read to my brother and I. These books were usually long out of print by the time they reached our shelves. Books for all ages have a bit of everything. Mystery, action, romance, comedy, sometimes even science fiction themes are added into these books to appeal to every reader. No one is left out when this story is
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