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Art has been on the earth since the beginning of time. Plentiful people since the ice age have made paintings on cave walls, which allowed us to understand how our ancestors used to live, how they survived, and what were their customs. There just wasn’t paintings, there were sculptures, rock carvings, and clay pots(History World. "HISTORY OF PAINTING." ). If art didn’t exist, we wouldn’t know or be able to imagine what it was like back then. When Captain Thomas Smith made a self- portrait about himself and we are informed about mixed styles in Europe, we were exposed to their culture and ways (Visual Arts Cork .com. "American Colonial Art.").
I love painting because I feel like you can attach your feelings to the canvas. I became interested
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He is an amazing artist that uses his mind instead of a picture or visual guidance. I honestly don’t relish painting things how they are but how I see them, just like Picasso. Another one of my favorite artists is Claude Monet. He is more of an impressionist. An impressionist is an artist that creates a painting as if you would see in real life, for example a realistic painting (The Art Story Modern Art Insight. "Claude Monet.") I prefer Picasso, but Monet also influenced me in many ways. I always love to capture a moment, the sunset, the ocean, or just a person. But people just figure to take out their phones and take a photo, but that is very unlike me. I like having a good camera to capture details and then use the photo to create a painting. I usually don’t do portraits or landscapes, but i’ve done around 3 to expand my comfort…show more content…
These paintings are inspirational to me because they are amazing but also they speak to me. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is the saying I love mentioning to someone when they talk about a painting or picture. To me, a picture is not just words, but the emotions and meanings that are given from them. When I see “The Persistence of Memory” I imagine about time, and how people just worry about it and waste it. In “The Persistence of Memory” I feel like there is no time, everything is ‘melting’ away, nothing matters. When I analyze “The Two Fridas”, I see a woman stuck between two cultures, unsure where she belongs. It relates to many people because many don’t know where they belong or where they should be from. The “Starry Night Over the Rhone” is my favorite painting. Many people prefer “Starry Night” because of how popular it is, but I rather adore “Starry Night Over the Rhone” because I usually use these colors to paint, but also the technique used is amazing. In the painting if you see the sky , you can see the brush strokes and how small he made them, and when I see something related to the way an artist created their art, it intrigues
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