My Father: The Role Of Mother And Father

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n life many things and people hold value to us, when a child is brought into this world his/her parents lives are changed forever perhaps making it less theirs and more of their child. However nowadays children don’t realize that before their parents got the role of mom and dad, they had lives of their own. Quite frankly I think that children don’t have interest in their parents lives like their childhood, best moments in life and bucketlist things which still haven’t been fulfilled.Sitting here today in front of a man, filled with experiences and stories to tell. Finding out at first what my final research paper for my first college english class was an exciting moment knowing it would be me writing about my fathers life. My father is always…show more content…
Proceeding on I questioned my father about tragic events in his life, up until this point i thought i knew everything about my father but i was wrong. He revealed about his big brothers death which i didn 't even know existed ,for all I knew my father had to sisters and one younger brother. Getting curious I polity ask? He looks up and replys he was a great son,brother sum it all up a human. In my eyes he was perfect, considering our dad was always busy, he was the one who showed me a lot life right from wrong,respect and how tot live integrity. I was in junior high school, spring had just started I was living my life to the fullest not knowing it would be this time around it would scar me for life. My brother was very adventurous his life revolved around the motorcycle that our father had. He would ask nothing from our parents except after completing his chores to be able to take to take the motorcycle for a spin, he cherished it more than anything in life cleaned it and maintained it well,unfortunaly he didn 't know his most loved item would take his life, around mid-spring my brother was on his normal ride. However this day it took him longer than expected. At this…show more content…
Than I asked what about us dad? did you want to have children? did you life change after having a son and daughter?. He said he always loved kids, and to have his own he couldn 't ask for anything more, he added life before you guys was tough I worked in an factory form dawn to dusk and my free time would revolve around farm duties. It was two years into our marriage when my father in law went to America for the first time and gave me the hope that he would take me there too as quickly as he could. Having this hope me and your mom got much stronger, we began to save everything we could hoping for a fresh new start in america. He revealed to me that his original plan was to have children after he came here, however that 's not the way things went . My sister was born a year later giving him the responsibiltys of a father, he stressed in the months leading up to the birth and spent hours gloomily contemplating how everything about his life would change even more. He told me how surprised he was watching his first child being born he felt things he couldn 't even describe simply put, intense love, awe and admiration. Having children sure gave him the happiness but made him
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