My Father And Parents: The Relationship I Changed With My Parents

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In the beginning of my adolescent years, the relationship I had with my parents were not the best. In the beginning of my 5th grade year, my mother was going through a series of surgeries; she was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age which caused her to have a lot of health complications later on in her life. Her health problems hindered our relationship, because when she would go into a diabetic coma she could not remember what had happened. So when the ambulance came to the house, or when dad came home from work, she would be upset with me because she did not think anything happened, which caused a lot of arguments between us. While my mother was in and out of the hospital, my father was working three jobs in order to pay for all of the medical bills and provide for our family while attending school to become an X-ray technician.…show more content…
The relationship I had with my father changed during the end of my 5th grade year when my mother passed away from a heart attack, and then three months after she passed away, my grandmother passed away after two years of battling breast cancer. This was the turning point that drew my brother, father, and I together because it made us realize that we were all each other had. Even though it drew the three of us together, it ripped apart the rest of my family. After my mother’s death, my grandfather became an alcoholic to try to ease the pain of his daughter’s loss. However, his actions resulted in a nasty divorce between the two. My older half-sister became depressed and tried to commit suicide more than once (she also does not know Christ and refuses to), my grandmother also tried to commit suicide to ease the pain of losing her daughter, and my aunt and uncle cut themselves off from the family in order to try and deal with the pain. In a way, my mother was like the “glue” that held our family

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