My Father

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My father is in the beginning of the 60’s which is old enough to gain from his life experiences. He is short with an average body and white beard and hair too. My father is handsome and perfect on my eyes and maybe for some people, no matter if he is tall or short etc. In addition, my father is a serious man who doesn’t waste his time on anything, not even social media. He is always busy everyday doing his business or traveling abroad for franchising to bring it to Saudi Arabia. He also works in Real Estate field and so am I, I worked with him for 1 year and I took from his experience while I was working with him. I tried to learn anything from father because I knew and I know those things that I learned and the things I’m going to learn will help me in my life. So, my father is a special person because several reasons and the most important two are respecting people no matter what they dress and how they wear and supporting me with anything he can do.
Respecting people is very important thing to learn, or gain it from your parents. I learned from my father and my mother to respect people no matter how they look and my mother always says to me “don’t judge the book by its cover”. It means that even if a person who wearing badly clothes or looks bad, I can’t judge him saying he is bad person or he is poor or uneducated based on his look. Many times that happened to me, seeing a dirty person with bad clothes and then when I talk to him I change my mind because when I talk to him I know who he is. When I see my father’s attitude with people I see that with the poor person or the rich person or even people who work under him. My father attitude is always the same with them, and that make them love my father. Basically not the clot...

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...erience. Also, being a respectful person in life can get you good advantages. I have been seeing a lot of people who don’t respect each other and they don’t even respect elderly people. Seeing my father happy is my happiness so, I will work hard to make sure that I can make father happy by being successful person in this life like my father. Also, to graduate and get my bachelor degree because I think I waste sometime after I graduated from high school. I’m the youngest child in my family and all my sisters and brothers finished their study. So, my father is worried about me and he just wants me to be safe and don’t get lost in this life because it’s hard to success nowadays. I hope I can make my father happy by doing these things and I know it’s hard to achieve any goal, but if I or anyone want to get it you will and no one can stop you from achieving your goals.
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