My Family 's Cultural And Racial Background

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I am mainly Mexican and German. My extended family’s cultural and racial background is a wide mix of African American, Asian, Jewish, Mexican, and White. In my personal household, we celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. We do not celebrate many traditional Mexican holidays, but Mexican cultural was always very prevalent in my household thanks to my grandmother. My high school is located in my hometown of Elk River. This area is a suburb. My high school, Elk River High School, is fairly big. In my graduating class there was around 400 students. The school has some diversity, but not much. It is starting to get more diverse thought. Despite there being a lack of representation, most students I surrounded myself with were very accepting of others. The teachers were also accepting, and some taught about race issues. I have been in this class for a little over two weeks. I feel the subject matter is interesting to me and I am learning a lot of new information. I also feel I am learning new perspectives from those around me. I think having a very diverse classroom setting helps in this regard. I enjoy the format of the class. I like being able to discuss ideas with those around me at my table and the class as a whole. I believe the lectures are informative, the reading materials are engaging, and the films are fascinating. First off, I would like to discuss about the reading material White Privilege. White Privilege is an interesting book to me. It is fascinating to me each chapter is a different scholar’s essay or writing. I think this add some variety to the book and keeps it engaging. I also enjoy the fact the book is very up to date. It has mentioned some recent events, such as the tragedy of Trayvon Martin, wh... ... middle of paper ... ...eo. One I especially enjoy is the fact race is a biological myth. This is something I have learned in the past and have found it interesting. Despite it being a myth, some people draw big conclusions from it, and the way people appear or look. Another part of the video I liked was the part where the students tested their DNA. I found it exciting so many of the based who they would be similar to by judging race, but in the end race was not a factor. Overall, I feel this is a very engaging and thought –provoking class. Much of the material brought up are topics we do not discuss daily, but we experience it daily. I believe it is very important to discuss race, racism, and solutions to these problems to better the future. This is a sentiment many of the readings, I feel, have as well. This is a big part of why I enjoy reading the material, and engaging in discussions.
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