My Family Traditions

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Traditions are so individualized and exclusive to each person or family. Traditions are basically a standard set of beliefs or customs that your family teaches you or perhaps you create and you pass down to your children. My own life has been impacted from the core due to the beliefs that my own parents have taught me. Throughout the time, I have modified some of those beliefs. Other traditions I have kept and taught my child because they hold value to my heart and society. Throughout my paper, I will discuss what my traditions are. Secondly, I will discuss how those traditions have impacted my life. Thirdly, I will discuss where I stand on my traditions in today’s world. Traditions are the foundation on what makes people evolve in this world…show more content…
After the dinner, football games and socializing us then put up our Christmas tree. This allows us all to be able to take pictures of the grandchildren or children part taking in putting ornaments on the tree. My second family tradition is that every year we attend a family reunion. This allows everyone on the family to come together and appreciate what we have. We often make goodies and create a large pot luck. We also play games together or we might even all go camping together. This truly allows each other to stay in touch, find out all the new things in each other’s lives and of course we can see the new babies born into the family. My third family tradition is each generation is taught how to communicate and behave correctly with other people. in my family we teach the proper greetings, we teach to respect your elders, and we teach that every action taken has a consequence. This tradition really allows us to grow, mature, and respect each other. In my own primary family my husband, child and I always go out to dinner once a week. We made this a tradition so we could have quality family time together away from all electronics, work, school and stress. This really allows our connection to grow which in turn…show more content…
As a result of my parents raising me around the traditional American holiday traditions, I find it important for myself to celebrate these holidays. I put emphasis on these holidays to spend time with not only my family at home but also my extended family. This has impacted me because I place value on family and the importance of certain holidays such thanksgiving. This has impacted me because I am now very family oriented and that is a value that I teach to my child. This tradition impacts me because it shapes who I am. I am a strong mother, women, and person to open myself up to allow myself to share in all areas of life. I could have been a whole other person however I turned out to be me. Some traditions in society force you to be someone you’re not or make you feel uncomfortable like Malcolm X. During his time the traditions of people were about race and education and he did not fit those ideals but he prevailed (X, 2006). I have learned that traditions are exactly what you make together with your family. Secondly, attending family reunions have allowed me to see how important family truly is. Without my family i would be alone and lonely in this world. Thirdly, attending dinner every week with my husband and child has allowed me to not get swept away by society. With this tradition I have learned to slow down and stop letting the world 's fast paced movements dictate my
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