My Family: The Role Of A Family

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I have never really talked about being gay to anyone unless I felt they were super close. Growing up, I was taught that family had to stick together no matter what happened. I sometimes felt as if I was born in the wrong family because my mom, dad and siblings would look at me way differently and probably reject me if they knew that I was gay. Every confrontation within the family stayed within the family. There was an unspoken rule. "Whatever happens between family stays between family." I’ve lived by this rule for as long as I can remember. It wasn 't until I became a teen that I began to question this rule.
The role of a family, as I saw it, was supposed to be to support the next generation until they were capable of doing it themselves. It just made sense in my little 13 year old mind. I had a conversation with my mom about it one day and she told me that family was also an emotional support system and that family wasn 't limited to just the immediate blood relationships that we had but family could also be found in the outside world. I realized she must be talking about friends. It just felt so right. My friends did almost the same things as my family. They talked me through some stressful situations, helped with schoolwork and have even
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It was like I lived according to someone else’s script where I’m just an actor that is not supposed to express himself. From a very young age I felt shy and never found the right words or I would start to get tongue twisted and the words wouldn’t come out the right way, so when I started feeling this way, it wasn’t something that I wanted to bring up because how could I? It seemed impossible to say to my mom, “Mom,I think I’m gay,” and more than likely I would probably never say that to her. As time went on, I found that escaping through music and sleep have helped me grow to be a little more comfortable with
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