My Family: My Defining Family As A Family

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On September 20th, 1996, my mother finally saw me in person for the first time since she knew I existed nine months earlier. I was born nine years and twelve days after my half-brother, John Paul. For a very long time, it was just the three of us, and I considered myself to be the youngest in the family. That is, until John Paul passed away when I was ten-years-old, during the summer before my 6th grade year, and I found out that I had two younger half-brothers soon after. Since then, I have gone back and forth with telling others that I am the youngest, oldest, and even second-born child. However, the fact that I believe my birth order, whether I am considered as the youngest, oldest, or second-born, has molded how I define family and my understanding…show more content…
They were blood, we were related by genes, and they were my family. Now, I see family as anyone who treats me as family, who I can relate to on deeper, more personal levels, and who I can count on for just about anything. I believe this to be true because I have blood-relatives who have not treated me as family, by either seeing me as a bill to be paid off or as just another relative, and I have heard of the cruelest blood-relatives who I know I would never want to be affiliated…show more content…
It is simply him, my step-mother, my two younger half-brothers, and their family dog. He calls on my birthday every year to wish me good luck and a happy birthday and on Christmas to give me merry wishes and happy holidays. I consider him to be my father, his wife to be my step-mother, and their sons to be my younger siblings, but I do not consider them to be my family. He did not have to go through my terrible two’s, my first day of Kindergarten, the first time I “became a lady,” or the typical teenage attitude years that my mother and my older brother had to. I care for my father for the fact that, without him, I would not be here, but I can not say that I truly love him as my
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