My Family Has Always Struggled With Money

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Since I can remember my family has always struggled with money. My parents’ financial experience is like a box of assorted chocolate. Sometimes they make ends meet, sometimes they do not. My mother used to work for the state of Tennessee. She worked on computers and was married to my dad who was in a rock band that took tours overseas a lot. Momma worked full time and came home to do the exact same thing. They soon got a divorce and my mother was working her tail off for my sister and I to be able to live. Since then my mother has gotten remarried, has not been paid child support since I was seven years old or so, and is now trying to make ends meet and pay off a bunch of debt. Although my parents always struggled for money, my mother wanted to let us do the extracurricular activities after school that we wanted. My sister and I both danced all throughout our lives, she started when she was about five and I started when I was three. We are two years apart. We did that for several years and got into sports and band and things like that. Things that cost money, but they would always h...
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