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Growing up I was the middle child of 3 brothers and one sister. My older siblings and I were so far apart from each other that I did not get along with them at all until I got older. I widely remember, they were on dating while, I was still stuck on Disney channel. Each child was different, and I kept feeling like an outcast. I recalled my brother and sisters have multiple friends and I did not have one at all. My brothers and sister are sociable where I am severely introverted. If a guest came over, I would never talk to anyone including family members. My family is like a jigsaw puzzle every one piece is different, however, my family finds a way to make our crazy dynamic work. My mother is the nucleus of our family. If something is wrong she finds a way to bring me and my siblings back…show more content…
It is something about my mother 's tone of voice that makes me and my sibling forget about whatever, the fight was over and get our acts together. My oldest brother was the funny one, out the group. If something was making me upset, he would always find a way to make me forget out my issues. The youngest brother was sociable one out the group. My youngest brother always is surrounded by a group of people. My younger brother has experienced more things in his 18 years of living than I have in 21 years. My sister is the toughest person I know. In my 21 years of living, I have never seen my sister cry until my nephew was born. My father was the finical support of the family. I was really close to my father when I was younger and began to get close to my mother as I got older. My older brother was the peacemaker of the group even when I got into trouble and he also was social. For example, in high school, no one called me by my name they said, What 's up to Frank 's little sister? This phrases agitated me a little bit because I was always in

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