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I grow up from a traditional Chinese family and I just come to America for 4 years. Almost all my family members in the last few generations grew up and lived in China. My grandfather, who is 80 years old living in my hometown, Shenyang, China, had told me a lot about theirs history. My family is originated from the southern China and we were the official of the late Qing government. During the first half of the 20th century, most of my family members stay in Shanghai and Hongkong to escape violence. Only few of them had been America for a better education to save the nation in the last 30s. Nowadays, starting from the last generation, some of my family members start to immigrant to different countries such like America, Canada and Japan for a better environment.
My great-grandfather is
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Since China opened up in the late 1970s, the economy was growing fast and more and more people were able to choose go abroad. America, as the global economic and education center, was favored in China. One of my uncle and aunt came to America in the 1990s for graduate school and they stay in Oregon until now. One of the main reason they went abroad was because America had a better education and work opportunity. They studied material science and engineering which China was far away fall behind in these areas during that time. In additional, because of the looser immigration policy, they could stay here and find a wonderful job easily. My cousin, which is their son, was born in China and came here with them since one years old. He is the first people grew up in the two cultures in my family. He knows both China and America well but his thoughts and actions are more American. I have another uncle and aunt immigrant to America and Canada for the similar reason. These people in my family are brave in innovating, they took a lots of risks for their future and they finally be able to stay here and have a better
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