My Family Essay

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I grew up in a two parent household where I am the oldest child of three. I have a brother who is four years younger than me and a sister who is six years younger than me. Though we are a Ghanaian family, our household did not run like a typical Ghanaian household. It is hard to say if my family was any different from other ethnic groups because I was never introduced to the in-depth family life of other ethnic groups. Both of my parents worked, which is normal for a Ghanaian family, but what made things unique was that my father was the one who got us ready for school in the morning. My mother is a RN and she normally works the night shift. This meant that she would not get home until around nine in the morning and by that time school would have started for us. My father was the one who would wake us up, make sure we were dressed, made our breakfast, and then drove us to school before going to work himself. My mother would come home and sleep after working 12 hours. She would then wake up about an hour after we got home from school and then go back to work at around…show more content…
We functioned in a way that was as peaceful as possible. With that said, there were still moments where we would argue and have issues as all families do. When we were in the modes where there were disagreements, yelling was the most commonly used form of communication. When I was younger, I was not the one who yelled at my parents, it would take a lot for me to yell back at them. Children were not allowed to express their views in my household. If we were to even open our mouths to speak, it was looked at as talking back. Conflict was handled between my siblings and me by simply staying away from one another for a short period of time. Thankfully we would not stay angry at one another for a long time. The same went for my parents. When there was conflict, they would go to different rooms and “cool
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