My Family Definition

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A: Defining my family

As a person who belongs to collectivistic cultural norms, defining the term “family” from my knowledge and perspective is might be different from the western culture that relies on the individualistic culture norms. However, in this assignment, I am going to define my family terms depending on the three common conceptual approached that have been used to define the term family in the United State and we discussed in our class. According to Segrin & Flora (2005), the most common approaches of family definition are determined by the family structure, family function and family transaction.

1- The family structural definition: family structure or form here refers to the form of the family. It means how the family shape
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6- A cohabiting family: couple of adults with opposite sex live together and have a relationship without legal marriage (p.5).
Most of family structural applications that are active in the western culture are not applied in my country because of the cultural norms such as religion and customs. While I have to describe my family structure, I could state that my family is a nuclear family consist of my wife and I and five children; three daughters and two boys who live together. Our relationship was created by legal formal marriage.

2- The family task-orientation definition: this term refers to the roles and tasks of the members within their family. Those functions include financial, emotional and care supports provided by the family group members to their partners and children. Most important functions of the family under this term is to provide social welfare to the family members, particularly children and the commitment to provide the basic material needs such as providing food, clothing, education, health care and taking care of their behavior and upbringing. These requirements, according to this classification do not require the offers of support to be actual parents of the children. It is required of people who are committed to take this role regardless of the blood kinship to the children to maintain the family