My Family : Being A Teenager

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My family was forever changed after finding out there was a secret— my father, my hero, was addicted to drugs. As a young child, discovering this information, many questions arose in my mind. Why would he do that and for how long? Does my mother know? I felt betrayed by him like he had done it on purpose to hurt me. Being only a child about to be a teenager, I had other things I should have been concerned with, such as my celebrity crush, or that I had to have gel pens in every color. Instead, I was worried about my father 's addiction, how it was affecting my parents’ relationship and what it was doing to our family. I had never heard my parents argue or at least, not in front of us. My world was crashing down and I couldn 't hold it together but knew I had to be strong. My family was perfect from my point of view, we spent time together, when my dad wasn 't working. He was a Radiologic Technologist at a hospital and worked any shift given to him. If someone went on vacation he would volunteer to work their hours as well as his. My parents took us on month long vacations, bought us anything we asked for, within reason of course. We would talk about our days with each other and there wasn 't anything we didn 't share in those moments. One of my most vivid memories is being about five or six years old when waking up at the crack of dawn was a piece of cake. I would find myself walking towards my parents’ room, hearing the thundering of bear snores getting louder as I got closer. I would jump into my dad 's side of the bed and sit on his shoulder. He was fast asleep since he had gotten home at three or four in the morning from working the night shift. I would then take my tiny fingers and pry open his tired eyes and ask, "Daddy are... ... middle of paper ... ...t eat, I couldn 't sleep, I had fallen into a depression and I had lost my will to live. It took me years to get out of the rut I had been in because of his passing. Up until two years ago I had no self-esteem, or confidence. Addiction affects not only the person using their drug of choice by hurting themselves or taking away the pain. They hurt the people close to them, it causes uneasy feelings of not being important enough to never be chosen over the drug. Thoughts go through your mind that he 's not going to come home one day because you weren 't a good girl he would want to watch cartoons with. He could have tried harder to break his addiction for us, to save us a life of pain from only having one parent for the rest of our lives, for not being there when I got married or had his first grandchild. He chose his drugs of hurt over a life of happiness and old age.

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