My Family And The Family Of A Family

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In my family, not everyone is blood relatives. Most of us are not related really, but are still family. My dad was adopted along with his half sister, but everyone always thinks my dad and grandpa look the same. On my dad’s side, four of the six kids are adopted. The other two were mentally and physically handicapped. But I always have thought of them all as my family, because they have always acted like it and were a true family. On my mother’s side, everyone is a blood relative, but we are not as close. My mother’s side is mostly from the North and you can tell their lifestyle is different. My father’s side being from the South and raised for the most part in church, have more of a closeness to it. My paternal grandpa was raised in church,…show more content…
It was in her twenties, after being married to my grandpa a while, that she was saved and their lives became about living for the Lord. That is how we were raised. So in truth, the theme of family came from our relation with church and God more than our actual family. We love each other, and depend on each other, but I am more close to some of the church members than I am to my extended family. The culture of our family comes from two places. There is the side that was raised in church, with modesty and morals being the main theme and living for the Lord. There is the other side that didn’t always have that theme as the front runner of their growing up, but are still nice, loving people. I belong in the side where God, church, then family is most important. I remember my grandma telling me that as a little girl while she was loading the dishwasher. She always said she tried to teach her kids that first, and then everything else comes later. My grandpa on that side would tell me that God was most important, but the way they both lived proved it to be true more than their words. Growing up, I…show more content…
But not above anything else. If continuing education was your path, then go for it. If you decided to work straight out of high school and were happy, then that was accepted. If you were living right and following the Lord, that was accepted in our culture, not how much money you made. I am the first one in my immediate family to have an anticipated graduation date from college. Some of my other family started, but never finished. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I started college, but I loved photography. I started at Kennesaw State and couldn’t wait to drive to the big city every week to school. The first day, I hated it. I hated the fact that I would have to get a degree in art because just photography wasn’t popular at that time. I didn’t like the concepts the art program was teaching either, and knew I didn’t want to be at a liberal school. It was too late to transfer. In looking for new schools, I didn’t know where to go, but knew I wanted a conservative school. One that wouldn’t try to force liberal ideas down my throat. I never wanted to go to North Georgia because in trips through Dahlonega I said I would never go to a school in the mountains. It looked so secluded and boring, but now I longed for somewhere like that. Somewhere small and safe, like my hometown of Ellijay. UNG suddenly just felt like the right decision from my research. After looking into the school, and what was allowed and not allowed, I loved it. I

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