My Family

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Before I reached high school both my parents were already deceased. They would never be able to attend sporting events,watch me graduate, or be able to embarrass me as I go out on my first date, take an excess amount of pictures of me before my first school dance, be able to experience my first heartbreak or me falling in love. However I have done all of these thing, and much more experiencing more in my eighteen years of life than I had ever suspected I would have to do alone.
My family weren’t like the ones you see on television. The type of family that at the end of every episode had all their problems addressed, and resolved. My family argued a lot, and hardly agreed on much of anything, and the other part of my family just didn’t contact each other. I figured it was always better that my family didn’t get together or talk much, because overhearing all the insults being thrown across the room was enough to ruin any family gathering. There was three of us in my household my mother, my older sister, and myself.

My father passed away when I was just an infant in a car accident causing me to grow up without a father. However my mother did a splendid job taking over both parenting roles. Losing my father made my mom
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My mother proceeded to pay our bill, and I was certain the day was over but I was mistaken. She had taken me to a candle shop, but these candles weren’t like any I had ever seen before they weren’t wax but they were a gel like substance with items inside such as shells, and leaves. My mom had let me pick out one and I decided on the blue gel candle with white sea shells inside, because my mom loved everything that had to do with the sea. We proceeded to pay and I remember my mother chatting with the register lady with grey hair who looked as if she could have been my grandma for quite
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