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I grew up in a very small family. I do not know most of my family to begin with because my mother was adopted from Honduras, and my father’s family never connects out to anyone. I have grandparents, that are my mother’s adopted family, and then my step grandparents. Father wasn’t around in my life until about last year. So I do not have a big family. Even though my family is small it is still very unique, my grandparents are Jehovah’s Witness and my step grandparents along with my mother and stepdad are non-religious and racist. My father and I are very accepting of many things, so it is a unique dynamic in my family. I am not like my family, I am very unique. Coming from a non-accepting family shaped my attitudes and beliefs very much, I wanted to be the exact opposite of them. I didn’t think what they were doing was right so they helped me become the person I wanted to be, by showing me what I didn’t want to be. Region of the Country I was born in Sacramento California but I was raised in the South. My parents moved to Piggott Arkansas when I was a little baby. It was a very small and southern town, when I about seven years old we moved to Kennett Missouri. Kennett is only thirty minutes away from Piggott so it is…show more content…
To be individuals we have to be different. What fun is benign the same. That is what I think. I love that we are all different, that we all have different idea. I love to learn how people became to think or look how they do. Our world needs to be more accepting of difference, or we will always be in a battle of who is right. America is called the melting pot because we have so many difference races in our country, but we are still not as accepting of them. I am not scared of differences, I embrace difference. I love finding someone who thinks differently than me because it gives me a chance to learn about something new. To understand a different culture than mine, and broaden my

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